10th Annual Illinois Statewide Transition Conference, October 27-28, 2014

10th Annual Illinois Statewide Transition Conference: October 27-28, 2014

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The 10th Annual Transition Conference for high school aged students and young adults with disabilities, their family members and teachers, vocational professionals, caregivers, health care professionals, college students pursuing careers in special education and community advocates will be held at The Crowne Plaza Hotel and Conference Center in Springfield, Illinois from October 27-28, 2014.

The conference, titled “Stepping Stones of Transition”, invites participants to imagine the possibilities for students with disabilities in the areas of independent living, education and training, employment, community integration, health care, and self-advocacy.

Conference sessions will be organized into 4 tracks: Education, Employment, Community and Healthcare.

To read more about keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and plenary sessions go to our Registration website. Space is limited and breakout sessions have limited capacity on a first come basis. So register early to ensure admission to your top choice sessions. Registration deadline is September 30th.

Conference at a Glance

This one page conference overview provides a quick look at the agenda, timeframes for sessions and other conference events. For more detailed information view the full agenda at the Registration website.

Program Book

Information on conference sessions, exhibitors list and continuing education details can be found in the 2014 Transition Conference Program book. This booklet is available in PDF format - you will need the Adobe Reader to view, complete and print the document. The Reader is available free from the Adobe web site.


Register NOW! Conference participants are strongly encouraged to register using the Illinois Transition Conference online registration. "Go Green" and help conference planners take eco-friendly steps to better our environment by registering online and eliminating paper registration forms. A limited number of hard copy registration booklets will be made available by request only to help those who do not have Internet access get registered. Contact Family Matters at 866-436-7842.

The registration web site provides details about the conference plenary sessions and agenda with specifics on each of the breakout sessions. Space is limited and breakout sessions have limited capacity on a first come basis. So register early to ensure admission to your top choice sessions.


  • If you plan to participate only on the day of your presentation please complete the Presenters Registration form. If you have questions, contact Susy Woods at swoods@iltech.org.

  • If you are interested in participating in the full conference (at a presenter’s discounted rate) please register online choosing registration type: Presenter.  

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Scholarship Information

The Transition Conference Committee has made provisions for a limited number of scholarships for parents and students who need financial assistance. These funds are available on a first come, first serve basis.

The scholarship can be used for needed conference related expenses including registration, hotel, transportation and/or a personal attendant. To apply, please contact Tara Dunning of the Statewide Independent Living Council of Illinois (SILC) at 217-744-7777 or tara@silcofillinois.org.

Visit the Conference Registration web site for more information and a link to the Stipend Application:


2014 Transition Conference T-shirt now available!Transition Conference t-shirt

You now have an opportunity to purchase a conference t-shirt to help support students involved in Ink 186, a vocational skills training program offered through Springfield Public Schools. Each high-quality shirt is professionally printed by and designed by students enrolled in the Ink 186 program. Your purchase supports the program mission to provide meaningful job skills and a successful post-school placement for every student. Just complete the order form and send it in with payment - the shirts will be ready for you to pick up when you arrive at the conference!

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Exhibitor/Sponsorship/Advertisement Registration:

Exhibitors will have an opportunity to outreach to over 600 students, families and professionals from across the state on October 27, 2014 from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.  Exhibits are encouraged to register online.  Register early the space is limited, deadline is September 17, 2014.  For-profit organization booth rental is $175.00 and nonprofit organization booth rental is $100.00.  For more information contact Marjorie Olson, 217-524-1379 or Marjorie.Olson@illinois.gov .

Advertising within the Program Book can be purchased. Ad costs range from $60.00 - $160.00.  For more information go to our registration site. Your ad will be placed in our program book for outreach to over 600 participants.   Advertisement deadline August 1st .

Sponsorship: Your contribution as a sponsor will help ensure students and families have access to current transition resources in our state.  Sponsors may also be provided discounted exhibit and advertisement. Register online.

Conference Goals: 

The conference will focus on best practices and how best to promote effective, person-centered 
transition planning that addresses all aspects of adult life for youth with disabilities.  Conference 
participants will discover practical and evidence-based strategies related to the following: 

  • Family involvement 
    Family involvement is a crucial component of successful transition. Parents and families as 
    partners in planning for and delivering transition services is the basis for good and successful 
  • Student self-determination 
    Student self-determination is best defined as the student being the one in charge to determine 
    what is they want.  By using transition assessment information and facilitation students’ self-
    determination it is feasible to develop individualized plans based on their post-school goals.
  • Interagency collaboration 
    One of the most important parts of good transition is interagency collaboration.  This includes 
    the involvement of community businesses, organizations, and agencies in all aspects of 
    transition-focused goals.
  • Effective program structures
    The efficient and effective delivery of transition-focused education and services to all transition-
    aged youth is the basis of effective and workable program structures.
  • Transition Resources and funding avenues 
    Many different resources come into play here.  These include such agencies as the Department 
    of Healthcare and Family Services, Social Security, Title I, Title V, and trusts (to mention just a 
  • The power of leadership 
    Leadership is about human behavior and thinking outside the box.  Both of these are imperative 
    to creating a good transition plan that is workable, doable, and sustainable.  
  • The influence of advocacy, policy, and social justice 
    Advocacy, policy, and social justice become important tools so that what one achieves in their 
    family or their school becomes systemic changes so that all people can benefit and lead better 
    lives.  The interaction of practice and policy showcase the need and impact action has on both 
    local and state policies and how this carries over to social justice for everyone. 

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Target Audience

  • Transition-aged youth/young adults who have a disability
  • Family members
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Caregivers
  • Special Education educators and administrators
  • Vocational Rehabilitation counselors and administrators
  • Advocates
  • Transition Planning Committees

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Conference Steering Committee:

Centers for Independent Living:

  • Impact
  • LINC Incorporated
  • Springfield Center for Independent Living

Family Matters Parent Training and Information Center

IL Alliance of Administrators of Special Education

IL Assistive Technology Program

IL Dept. of Human Services

IL Dept. of Human Services - Division of Rehabilitation Services

IL Interagency Coordinating Council

Il State Advisory Council on the Education of Children with Disabilities

Southern Illinois University, Technical Assistance and Continuing Education Center (TACE), Region 5

Springfield Public Schools District #186

Statewide Independent Living Council of IL

UIC Specialized Care for Children

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Transition - Planning for the Future

10th Annual Illinois Statewide Transition Conference
October 27-28, 2014
The Crowne Plaza Hotel & Conference Center
Springfield, Illinois

For more information
contact the conference organizers
via email at info@illinoistransitionconference.org

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