Call for Presentations

The Illinois Statewide Transition Conference invites submissions of proposals to present at this year’s conference, Stepping Stones of Transition being held November 3 & 4, 2022 in East Peoria, Illinois. Each of you brings hope, education, and inspires change in people to find the courage to help those you work with fulfill their potential. Join a myriad of others interested in doing this and also gain new skills at innovative workshops.

The Call for Proposals has closed! 

Submit a proposal to present and network with colleagues, experts in other fields, and families at this year’s Illinois Statewide Transition Conference.

The conference will focus on best practices and how best to promote effective, person-centered transition planning that addresses all aspects of adult life for youth with disabilities.

Proposals should describe practical and evidence-based strategies related to:

• Education
Instructional delivery models including strategies for online transition planning and supports accommodations and modifications; age-appropriate assessment; program development including course of study; transition program schedules and transition services for high school students under age 18; evidence-based practices. 

Effective lesson plans (self-determination, social skills-targeting neurodiverse individuals and students with intellectual/developmental disabilities; free curriculum and examples of different curricula used in life skills classes; transition programs supportive strategies beginning early for preteens and early teens, advocacy; other resources for transition-age youth receiving services in secondary/post-secondary settings.

Parental supports leading to positive secondary/post-secondary outcomes; family/youth collaboration in the transition planning process; adult service agencies; community-based organizations; strategies teaching youth and families the importance of future planning; psychological testing related to future post-high school services including employment; Disability-friendly colleges and specific supports.

Partnerships with community organizations panel presentations; transition-related classroom presentations (senior night, transition fairs, connections to resources, adult service provider in-services for students).

• Health Care
 Health care transition clinical projects, use of telemedicine, billing and documentation, elements of the transition to adult health care services (communication, EHR tracking and monitoring, coordination, guidelines, and protocols between the pediatric and adult systems, transition readiness assessments).

Supporting transition goals to maximize lifelong functioning and potential (self-management, self-determination, shared plan of care) efficacious interventions to improve health care transition outcomes, family experience in transition, Transition in Mental Health, Partnering with Education/Vocation on Health Care Transition, and legal aspects.

• Community
Housing, financial literacy, online safety, community participation and volunteering, safety in the community, recreation, and leisure, and innovative partnerships with community organizations.

Promoting social skill development and positive behavior; fostering opportunities to contribute; inspiring to share gifts and talents; enhancing self-awareness.

• Employment
Competitive, integrated, and supported employment opportunities; entrepreneurship hiring people with disabilities; internships and job shadowing experiences for high school students;

Partnerships between high schools, colleges, VR agencies, employers, nonprofits, workforce development boards, students and their families, and programs improving employment opportunities for in-school and out of school youth;

Self-determination, free curriculum, and examples of different curricula to teach work skills and social skills in the workplace.

We begin on Thursday, November 3, 2022, at 8:30 am and end on Friday, November 4, 2022, at 4:00 pm
Central Standard Time

Embassy Suites Hotel & Riverfront Conference Center
100 Conference Center Drive, East Peoria, Illinois, 61611