Scholarship Information

Scholarships Are Available to Assist Families

There are two (2) scholarship opportunities available to parents, students and families. 

The Consumer Scholarship Program:  The Statewide Transition Conference Steering Committee has created a Consumer Scholarship Program to enable families and individuals with a disability to attend the Statewide Transition Conference they otherwise would be unable to attend due to financial constraints.

Contact Tara at The SILC of Illinois at 217-744-7777 for an application.

The Arc Consumer Involvement Program: The Arc of Illinois, through a grant from the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities, administers the Consumer Involvement Program and distributes consumer stipend funds to enable people with developmental disabilities and their family members to attend conferences of their choice that are directly related to developmental disability issues.

Contact Leeann at The Arc of Illinois at 815-464-1832 or go directly to the application for the Consumer Stipend on The Arc of Illinois website.